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Name: Stacy Garonzik

Stacy owns her own company in wellness and counseling. She took 9th place as a middleweight at the 1998 USA Nationals. You can see more of Stacy at these web sites:
Go to female_muscle, then galleries.

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Name: Steven I. Hochfelsen

Steve Hochfelsen is an attorney. He got into health and fitness in 1972, has been working out on and off since then, and constantly battles a weight problem. Hoc admires both the men and women with the internal fortitude and determination to get themselves to the competitive bodybuilding level.


Etta is a long time admirer of bodybuilders (over 20 years).  Admiring the work that is put into the end results, Etta is a full time college student at the age of 40+. Never too old to learn. Etta is also in the fitness aspect of working out(what she calls a fitness nut). Etta is a regular is #muscle&fitness even though she is going to college, working and working out.

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Name: Cédric Perret

Cédric works in the computer domain in a Swiss telecommunication company. He's been into bodybuilding for 6 years, as well as his wife Marilyn.

You can see more of them at his web site :

GOLDRUSH - Name: Gary Fowler
<- Here's me & Stacy hamming
it up for the camera :-)

Goldrush's hometown is Fairbanks, Alaska, hence the nickname. He now lives in Kentucky and works as a truck driver. He admires fit and muscular women because they have destroyed the notion that women in general are supposedly "the weaker sex." 

BigX - Name: Iain Aitken

Iain is a professional soldier in the Canadian army, and is now back home from Europe (for awhile, anyway).

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