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Below are some of the favorite links of the users and operators of this channel.  We hope you will find them as useful as we do.

Absolute Truth Hardcore Bodybuilding

Annmarie Crooks' Home Page
Ann-Marie Crooks is one of the more outspoken and unusual women bodybuilders on the Internet.  She is also one of those with great longevity in the sport.  A "free spirit," Ann-Marie is one of the regulars on our channel, and her webpage is definitely worth a look.

Anthony Clark and the Warriors

Apollo Bodybuilding and Fitness Center
Free Ultimate Muscle Mass On-Line Newsletter just for visiting this site. This is the best Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter on the web. Plus, you'll find Training Programs, Special Reports, on-line Ultimate Muscle Magazine, the Bodybuilding Bookstore, and our Discount Supplement Shop for all your training needs.

Applied Sports Performance

Australian Muscle

Berserker's Power Page
A page dedicated to objective criticism of traditional practices in the field of weight training. This site is vehemently opposed to such dangerous practices as explosive lifting, improper form, and conventional, illogical, impractical approaches to strength training, such as high-volume training, periodization, angle training, and bias against high-intensity training. Dedicated to the genetically-typical.

Best of Fitness

Beverly International Nutrition

Bill Pearl Enterprises, Inc.
Bill Pearl is a 5-time Mr. Universe, Mr. America, and was voted The World's Best Built Man in 1974. Bill Pearl has authored some of the Best Selling Books written on Physical Fitness.  His web site attempts to educate anyone interested in improving their physical fitness and to motivate people to 'Stick With' their training.

Bob Leak 's Home Page
Pictures.  That's all.

Body Mechanics

Body Trends Health & Fitness

Body building and weight lifting apparel, rag tops, etc


Cabel's Fitness F/X

California's AAU Drug Free Powerlifting Home Page

Carla Dunlap's Mind & Body

Clarence Bass: Bodybuilding & Fitness Home Page

Classic Muscle

Coach's Corner
A site dedicated to the strength athlete.

C-P's World of Muscle
C-P is one of the channel operators of our channel.  His page, which is quickly growing, is dedicated to women's bodybuilding.  You must visit his page if you are interested in the subject at all.

Deepsquatter's World of Powerlifting

The Denise Rutkowski/Female Muscle Website

Diana the Valkyrie

Diesel's Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Site

Doris Barrilleaux on Bodybuilding and Fitness

Dr. Fred Hatfield's SportStrength Training Equipment Company

Ed Corney
Ed Corney's web site gives his background and competitive career in bodybuilding as an amateur and a professional, still competing at the age of 64. The web site covers the 3RD ANNUAL NPC 1998 ED CORNEY MUSCLE CLASSIC, in its entirety. NPC rules and regulations, elegibility, NPC membership, show location, host hotel, ticket information, schedule of events, competitor information, entry forms, divisions and weight classes.

Eiks Bodybuilding Page

Ergogenesis - Scientific Bodybuilding and Nutrition for Bodybuilders and Others Interested in Physique Development
This is just a personal effort to pass along some science and information about bodybuilding training and nutrition. It includes some personal articles along with links to sites or articles that provide accurate scientific information. The site attempts to emphasize recent science that is relevant to bodybuilding.

FBB Pics

Female Bodybuilder's Page

Fitness Exercise Clipart Paks

FitnessLink - The Health and Fitness Source!

Fitnessentials Online

Flexology Online
Dr.Pump's Fitness Super Site - Body Trimming Toning and Building LIVE

Goldskanz - Goldrush's personal collection of FBB pix

H.O.S.S. Cyber Gym

HealthCheck Fitness Systems

Home of IFBB Pro Kevin Levrone

Hidden Zone
Pictures of female bodybuilders and fitness competitors abound on this site.

I.P.F. Home Page

IronWomen! Serious women's weight training.

John Wood Jr 97' JRUSA Runner Up

Jungle Gym's
This ain't no playground, wimp-boy! It's Jungle Gym's! Featuring, Body-building tips and techniques, nutrition facts, links, shirts, books and the site even has a Japanese translation!

Laban's female muscle page
A tribute to women bodybuilders.  Contains pictures, video clips and links.

Laura's Bodybuilding & Fitness Links
Healthy, Lean, and Muscular! The Internet's Fitness Mecca featuring the largest queryable online nutritional food count database, searchable fitness directory w/ gyms from the entire US, fitness and nutrition tips of the day, bodybuilding info, recipes, chat room, discussion groups, and many features for fitness site webmasters! Come by and fill out our survey to win a free muscle shirt!

Leo Ingram Military Muscle

Lewis Wolk's A-Z Fitness & Bodybuilding links on the Web

Littleman's Female Bodybuilder Page

Master Trainer

Matt's Bodybuilding and Fitness Resources

Mesomorphosis Bodybuilding & Fitness

Michael Francois - Professional Bodybuilder

Mickey's Bodybuilding Links

Motivation from Denmark

Mr. Todd Elliott, WNBF Professional Bodybuilder

Ms. International Fitness
A good site containing information on upcoming fitness contests.

Muscle Mass: Bodybuilding Resource

MuscleNet Muscle Calendar

Just what it says in the title.

MuscleZone USA

Muscular Arms

My Favorite Female Bodybuilders

Natural Muscle

New Age Bodybuilding

No Needle Bodybuilding

North American Bodybuilding Federation

O.P.T.I. Sports & Fitness Clinic

Peak Performance

Israel Pinal's page devoted to training and nutrition tips, and it also contains some good pictures of both men and women bodybuilders.

Pictures, Resumes-The PAC
Information on Fitness Models, including resumes.

Poliquin Principles

Progressive Muscle and Fitness Inc.

Pumping Iron Site

Robin Parker's Physical Culture

Serious Athletes & Coaches Only

Sly's Fitness World
Get advice from a personal fitness trainer on dieting and exercise free with email support......recieve your free fat burning report.

Stacey's Fitness Site
Information on training, Master classes, choreography, fitness tips, message board for interaction and dates on specific courses within the UK.

Stacy Garonzik's new site by Goldrush

Starting out in bodybuilding
Covers all aspects of beginning bodybuilding: sets, reps, diet, nutrition, supplementation, overtraining, female bodybuilding, routines, tempo, exercises, training logs, rest periods, stretching, and more. If it doesn't cover topic in detail, it contains links to sites that do.

Stay Lean Enterprises - Fitness Training & Nutritional Guidance

Steve's Healthzone

SuperDave's Teen Bodybuilding and Fitness
Site for Teen Bodybuilders

Teen Body-Building

The Art of Bodybuilding and Fitness
A Personal Bodybuilding and Fitness page. You will find lots of Info about supplements, creatine, GHB, mm. One of the biggest Steriod pages? Read about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Susie Curry, and more! Also contains a lot of BB and Fitness links!

The Internet's Fitness Resource

The Iron Dungeon

The Monstrous Muscle Beef: Victor Richards
Victor Richards' web page has more 50 pictures of him. This page is being updated to add a lot of his information, such as his workout and diet.

The Official Ken Patera Web Site!

The Power Advantage - Personal Fitness Training

The Power Athletic Club

The Pumping Station
This site attempts to teach you the proper way to exercise. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced weight lifter you can use the charts to make sure you don't overtrain or undertrain. This is not just a place to build but to learn how get healthy by using the proper techniques. There are principles described that everyone who workouts with weights should know.

The Truly Huge Page

The Unofficial Manfred Hoeberl Homepage
The man with the World's Biggest Arms! This site includes amazing pictures, interview, article, bio, etc.

Total Fitness Concepts' Home Page
An informational site with answers to all of your health and fitness concerns.

Training with Dr. Fred Hatfield - Dr. Squat



Zap's Gym
ZAP'S GYM is the place where High Intensity Training is life. This site is dedicated to HIT and the Heavy Duty training principles. There are articles, training programs, a message board and many other things to have you on your way to amazing gains.

Last modified on January 4, 1999